We are a woman-owned small business with experience directing both small-and large-scale project efforts. Managing 150+ biologists on a 3,400+ acre project footprint? No problem, we’ve been there and done that and are always on schedule and on budget.

Ethical, professional, and eager to work with you to satisfy your conservation and compliance needs, we are the experts in desert tortoise USFWS health assessments, radio telemetry, transmitter and GPS logger attachment, and biological/environmental compliance.


Amanda Scheib

Chief Executive Officer | Wildlife Biologist

Amanda Scheib is the CEO and a wildlife biologist at Ecocentric. She received a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2000 and a Master’s in Science Education in 2003 from the University of Tennessee. Prior to employment with Ecocentric, she served as a wildlife biologist for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and worked as a contract wildlife biologist on several projects throughout the Mojave Desert.

Amanda has participated in both small (17 tortoises) and large scale (>600) translocation efforts for desert tortoises. She has completed clearance surveys, USFWS health assessments, disposition plans, translocated tortoises, and completed radio telemetry on translocated tortoises. Amanda brings first-hand knowledge and understanding of what it takes on the ground to get the job done well.

During her time away from work Amanda enjoys reading both fiction and non-fiction, cooking, baking, gardening, riding bikes, hiking, road trips to visit new and old places, and spending time with her family. One of her favorite spots to visit in the summer is the Eastern Sierras. She loves to escape the heat of Las Vegas and enjoy the fresh mountain air while riding her bike or visiting a high-elevation lake. One of her lifetime goals is to visit every national park in the United States.
Amanda Scheib measuring a turtle
Jeff Valentine

Jeff Valentine

Director of Operations | Wildlife Biologist

Jeff has over 15 years of experience in environmental conservation including more than 10 years working with the threatened Mojave desert tortoise. Since 2008 he has worked as a biologist and project manager on various conservation efforts throughout the Mojave Desert. He is authorized by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to survey, handle, and complete health assessments for Mojave Desert tortoises.

Jeff received his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Environmental Science from Siena College in Albany, NY in 1997. As part of his undergraduate studies, he spent a semester at the University of Queensland in Brisbane and a semester at the University of Tasmania, in Hobart, Australia. He has served in the Peace Corps in El Salvador as an agro-forestry volunteer.

Christopher Grouios

Data Specialist | Wildlife Biologist

Chris is a biodiversity conservation scientist and wildlife biology data specialist, who blew in from Canada and landed into the Mojave Desert ecosystem over ten years ago. Since then, he has been a key member of many large-scale desert tortoise mitigation research projects, including a few as part of the Ecocentric team, with additional involvement in Mojave-based avian, botany, and environmental studies. Chris specializes in head-to-tail wildlife biology project data support – from planning and collection logistics, through processing and management, to analysis and presentation.

Chris received a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Genetics and Master of Science in Ecology, both from University of Toronto, and has co-authored several peer-reviewed articles in globally circulated journals. Chris lives happily in his hometown Toronto with his wife and two little hikers, although he relishes opportunities to spend time in the Mojave Desert ecosystem (and with Mojave Desert biologists), so excitedly awaits his next fieldtrip to the south.

Jamie Cooper

Jamie Cooper

Data Manager | Wildlife Biologist

Jamie attended Texas A&M University and received her Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in 2017. Upon completing an internship as a Conservation Educator in south Texas and becoming a Welder Fellow, she was granted the opportunity to continue her education at Sul Ross State University, receiving a Master of Science in Range and Wildlife Management by 2021. As a budding wildlife biologist, she was eager to see what adventures awaited her.

The Mojave Desert called, and Jamie answered. She spent one season as a crew lead, surveying for desert tortoises, followed by a summer of husbandry for captive tortoises. The following spring, she became Project Manager and Data Specialist over the Desert Tortoise Monitoring Program at the Great Basin Institute. This ultimately prepared her to find a permanent role as Data Manager for Ecocentric.

When Jamie isn’t scrutinizing data, she enjoys stepping away from the screens and staying active in whatever form that takes. She’s an outdoor enthusiast, never opposing the chance to try something new. While hiking, birding, and camping are her usual go-tos, she’ll swap a day out for a night in to watch movies and spend time with her cats, snake, and long-term partner.


We have available high-performance personnel that delivers timely, accurate, and reliable services.

Authorized Biologist

  • Bachelors or graduate degree in biology, ecology, or related discipline with extensive desert tortoise field experience.
  • Approved and authorized by state and federal agencies.
  • Oversees all biological activities on a project.
  • Consult on the preparation of the Biological Resources Mitigation Implementation and Monitoring Plans.
  • Be available to supervise, conduct and coordinate mitigation, monitoring, and other biological resources compliance efforts particularly in areas requiring avoidance or containing sensitive biological resources, such as special-status species or their habitat.
  • Work with project owner and agencies on all biological resources.

Biological Monitor

  • Bachelors or graduate degree in biology, ecology, or related discipline with extensive desert tortoise field experience.
  • Approved and authorized by state and federal agencies.
  • Ensure proper implementation of protective measures to minimize impact on desert tortoises.
  • Report incidents of noncompliance in accordance with the biological opinion or permit.
  • Train, supervise, and approve Desert Tortoise Monitors to conduct tortoise-related activities.
  • Responsible for the outcome of all desert tortoise related activities for which the project is approved.

Desert Tortoise Monitor

  • Approved by the Authorized Biologist or USFWS (if an Authorized Biologist is not required).
  • Assist Authorized Biologist on implementation of desert tortoise protective measures.
  • Report incidents of noncompliance to Authorized Biologist in accordance with the biological opinion or permit.
  • Move desert tortoises from harm’s way.
  • Conduct presence-absence, clearance surveys, or other specialized duties under direct supervision of the Authorized Biologist

Qualified Biologist

  • Individual responsible for monitoring biological resources other than desert tortoises e.g. rare plants, avian species, mammals.
  • May or may not be qualified to work as Authorized Biologist or Desert Tortoise Monitor.

Agencies Expertise

We have experience working with federal, state, and local agencies.

United States

Federal Agencies

  • United states fish and wildlife service (USFWS)
  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of the Interior

California Agencies

  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • California Energy Commission

Nevada Agencies

  • Clark County Desert Conservation Program
  • Nevada Department of Wildlife
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