Ecocentric Publications

Multiyear monitoring of survival following mitigation-driven translocation of a long-lived threatened reptile.

Authors: Brett G. Dickson, Rick D. Scherer, Amanda M. Kissel, Bryan P. Wallace, Kathryn M. Langin, Miranda E. Gray, Amanda F. Scheib, Bruce Weise

Publication Year: 2019

Mitigation-driven translocation effects on temperature, condition, growth, and mortality of Mojave Desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) in the face of solar energy development.

Authors: Arriana Brand, Mathew L. Farnsworth, Jay Meyers, Brett G. Dickson, Christopher Grouios, Amanda F. Scheib, Rick D. Scherer

Publication Year: 2016

Short-term space-use patterns of translocated Mojave desert tortoise in southern California.

Authors: Matthew L. Farnsworth, Brett G. Dickson, Luke J. Zachmann, Ericka E. Hegeman, Amanda R. Cangelosi, Thomad G. Jackson Jr., Amanda F. Scheib

Publication Year: 2015

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